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What is the Research Capacity for Addressing Alcohol Harm in West Africa?

That is the question we asked the West African Alcohol Policy Association. Research shows that the burden of alcohol-related harm is very high in West Africa (WAAPA), but it is also the region with the least research and support for alcohol prevention. So, we conducted a study with WAAPA to better understand capacity and needs.

Read more about the study which we published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs here

We found limited capacity and many urgent needs to improve and strengthen the research capacity. In the abstract we say that "Given the low proportion of stakeholders in alcohol-related work who have worked with universities and research institutions, a clear priority is to facilitate and strengthen future collaborations. In addition, improving capacity for downstream research tasks is needed to inform policy. Finally, increasing familiarity with SAFER among key stakeholders involved in alcohol harm prevention in the region is a tangible short-term priority." Here is the link to SAFER

What can we do together to increase research capacity and collaborations in low-resource settings?


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