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What did I write about in 2021?

People often ask me, what research projects are you working on? I pause, asking myself where should I start? This is my favorite topic. But, I typically work on several different projects at any time, so it is challenging to summarize briefly. As I reflect on 2021, I as many others found it a challenging year. However, I'm very grateful for the many collaborations with colleagues and friends, near and far. This year I had the chance to work with several new research teams and also continue ongoing collaborations that have been underway for more than a decade. It makes the research very exciting. And, surprisingly the team was very productive despite the many challenges and hardships. Together we published 14 articles. It's a very special feeling and a heart full of gratitude to reflect on the knowledge we have generated and how it will be used to design prevention and intervention strategies and programs. That is what we say at KSU is

Happy and Healthy 2022 to all of you!


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