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New Article on Alcohol Marketing & Alcohol Use among Youth in Uganda

We have a new article that looks at how and what youth like about alcohol marketing. More importantly we determine if their perceptions are linked to their alcohol use, how much and how frequently they drink and if they experience problem drinking. It is a complex research question and a complex analysis to answer the question. But, basically alcohol marketing matters in many important ways in understanding heavy, frequent and problem drinking. And interestingly, the patterns are very similar for both boys and girls.

In a country like Uganda where alcohol marketing is very aggressive and there are limited prevention and intervention strategies, focusing on mitigating exposure to alcohol marketing may be an effective solution. In particular, reducing alcohol marketing directed towards youth under the legal drinking age should be prioritized. The World Health Organization has recommended restricting alcohol marketing as a “best buy” for reducing alcohol harm since it is an impactful and cost-effective strategy that can also be implemented in low-resource settings. This is particularly urgent as the alcohol industry is using new and bold marketing tactics, in Uganda, in the absence of regulations and enforcement. See advertisement example below.

Read our paper here.

Photo of new alcohol marketing strategies in Kabalagala, in Kampala, Uganda, March 2022 (taken by Dr. Monica Swahn).


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