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Capacity Building for Alcohol Prevention
in Sub-Saharan Africa

During the last decade, we have worked closely with community-based organizations in Uganda and across East Africa to build capacity for alcohol prevention research and prevention initiatives including alcohol policy development. Activities have included consultations with stakeholders, preparing policy briefs, grant proposals, infographics and conducting website reviews. This work has also included briefing decision makers and stakeholders of the scope of alcohol-related harm, primarily in Uganda. Dr. Swahn has briefed members of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Gender and the Kampala Council City Authority on her research and recommended strategies.

Dr. Swahn serves on the steering committee of the Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction Research Centre at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. The Centre is led by Dr. Nazarius Tumwesigye and serves as a research hub for the region by providing leadership, supporting collaborative research and dissemination activities and capacity building. Read more: 

More recently, we have also launched a project with the West Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA) and the East Africa Alcohol Policy Association (EAAPA) to conduct needs assessment surveys of capacity, structure and research priorities by community-based organizations to address alcohol harm in their respective regions. 

Our first article from our collaboration with WAAPA was just published:

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Our INTEGHRAL team and affiliated students have prepared infographics about alcohol use and harm among youth in Kampala, Uganda. Please feel free to use with credit to our team! 

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